Weather Station

Key Weather Station Components

  1. Weather Sensors – to measure environmental parameters and transmit raw data to the Data Logger.
  2. Data Logger – to collect and analyze the raw weather data from the weather sensors and perform any required calculations before storing it in non-volatile memories with a unique date and time stamp.
  3. Weather Station Mounting Infrastructure – to protect the data logger and securely position each weather sensor at the optimum exposure ratio and height that suits the intended purpose of the weather monitoring. Can include 10m Masts, Sensor shelters, Cross Arms, side arms and various materials such as aluminum and Stainless Steel.
  4. Communications or telemetry – to get the data from the data logger to the users, when, where and how they need it. This can consist of Cellular Telemetry, radio links, direct cable, Ethernet, Satellite links or a combination of these.
  5. Weather Station software – To provide access to your weather data from all of your weather stations when, where and how you need it.
  6. Installation – A weather station is only as good as the installation. Comprehensive handbooks and manufacturer support for DIY are a must, however
    Professional Installation and Commissioning services will benefit you greatly.
  7. Backup & Support – A commercial grade Weather Station is a long term investment for your business or organisation. You need to be confidant the System will be supported by the manufacturer in terms of both advice before and after purchase and spare parts for many years to come.
  8. On-Site Calibration – Commercial users need the weather station supplier to also provide on-site calibrations and maintenance to keep the weather station in correct operating order to acheive a 20+ year operating life.

Why Choose an Iconics-ME Weather Station?

  1. As the designer and manufacturer we have focused on each of the key Weather Station elements above, so you know you have a high quality commercial grade solution that suits your needs.
  2. We provide On-site servicing on your required schedule, Australia Wide.
  3. Our professional sales and support people can offer advice to tailor a Weather Station solution to meet your specific needs.
  4. In house developed Iconics-ME service has the fastest data updates in the industry, with your data updated every minute in most cases!
  5. We provide the very best backup and support in the weather station industry, so you can rely on getting your weather data to your users, where, when and how you need it!

Portable Weather Station

Automatic Weather Station