Automatic Weather Station

An Automated Weather Station is an integrated system of components that are used to measure, record, and often transmit weather parameters such as temperature, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and precipitation. Weather stations are used on land and sea for a variety of operational and research purposes.

Rugged, Reliable Equipment and Accurate Data

Automatic Weather Stations measure and record weather data from their location.  They are commonly known as either AWS or Weather Stations.

Iconics-ME’s Weather Stations are designed to survive in harsh climate extremes. They are built from corrosion resistant materials and undergo strict design testing. Your system will operate with minimal maintenance for long periods. Our sensors can measure to WMO and Australian standards.

Our Weather Recorders are highly refined, specialised data loggers designed specifically for weather data recording and form the heart of our weather stations. Their robust design and construction keeps your weather data accurate and secure.